Spiritual meaning of dreaming of rain

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of rain

What does it mean  to see rain in dream?

Common interpretation of dreams about rain is a sign of  getting rid of sins or regrets and getting inner peace and abundance.

Dreaming of rain has good meanings for future but shows bad things allready exit somebody’s waking life.

Details of seeing rain in dream  gives information about  your waking life and spiritual situation.

Spiritual Meaning of  Dreaming Rain:

Dreaming of the rain and stormy sky.

If you see a dream in which there is rain with stormy sky it indicates that  you have depressive feelings in your waking life. In other word it means  that you have so much negative energy in your real life.  So to do see this dream says to you that it is right time to get rid of depressive feelings and negative energy via a start to think positively.

Dreaming of a light rain.

If you see a light rain in dream, it shows that there are problems in your real life. And these problems effect your spirituality.  While you are in this spiritual mood and have dreamed about a light rain,  then this dream means you will solve those problems soon. The negative mood of you is going to end quickly and you will notice that everything is going better in your  waking life. There is no need for you to worry because all problems in your real life are not  permanent.

Dreaming of a heavy rain.

If you have seen about a heavy rain with storm, it is a sign of anger and conflicts that you have in your real life. Dreaming of a rain accompanied by thunder also has same meaning but sometimes it may mean that you should be careful about something happening around you .

Dreaming about watching a rain from inside.

If you have seen a dream in which that you were inside your home and it was raining outside, it indicates that you will have a very difficult period. Also, this dream can be a sign that that you are hiding your own emotions.

This dream also has a positive meaning. Actually, it can show  that you will have a period in which there will be financial luck.


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