Dreaming of Being a Policeman

To dream that you are a police officer is not good. It is narrated to be close to accidents and troubles, to catch diseases, to fall into helpless or insoluble situations. It is considered a great bad luck for the person who sees the dream. It means bad days will come. On the other hand, this dream is interpreted that an application of the dream owner in official institutions will result in a positive result.

Dreaming of Being a Police Officer

This dream is interpreted in two ways. Just like seeing being a policeman in a dream, it is explained as both good and evil. While it portends unpleasant and sad issues that will happen to the dreamer, on the other hand, he gets tired of stepping up in his profession.

Dreaming of Being a Civil Police

It is rumored that the person who sees that he is a plainclothes policeman in his dream will reach important and high points in his profession. It means that a person will be someone whose name and influence is mentioned everywhere, who is feared but who is equally respected. It is interpreted that the dream owner will have such a high position that no one can speak falsely.

Seeing Your Friend Is a Policeman in a Dream

It means that the dreamer will need help with something. It is rumored that a person will have to engage some people in order to find a job in order to deal with a job that is at the gate of the state and bothers him.

Seeing Your Son Become a Policeman in a Dream

If the person who sees the dream has a son in real life, it is said that he will experience developments that will make his face smile and his chest swell in favor of his son or one of his other children. It is considered the success of the dream owner’s son.

Seeing Police in a Dream

It indicates that the dreamer is safe, that there are people around him who will not put him in a difficult situation when he leans on his back, and that no danger will arise for him that will harm his life and property.

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