Seeing a Smoker in a Dream

To see a smoker in your dream indicates the existence of a person who cares about luxury, comfort, quality and aesthetics, tries to have the best of everything, does not enjoy bad things, and is fond of entertainment and comfort. It is narrated from a person who never puts his personal needs in the background, does not compromise on his self-respect and love, and takes care to be well-groomed so that his appearance is neat.

Seeing a Smoking Man in a Dream

If the dreamer is a woman and is single, it indicates that he will meet and be impressed by a well-dressed, highly educated, career, wealthy and noble person, and that man will respond to him and take the first step to establish a home where they will be happy in the future. But if the dreamer is already a man, then it means that he will meet a person with these characteristics.

Seeing a Woman Smoking in a Dream

It is a dream that cannot be said to be good for the person who sees the dream. It is considered bad luck and it is a sign to be unlucky, to be unlucky, to encounter difficulties and setbacks, and therefore to have bad days.

Smoking in a Dream

Although smoking in a dream is something that is not approved in reality, it is good for a person to smoke in his sleep. It indicates that the person who sees the dream will relieve his stress, relax and spend a good time and stay away from problems. Even if it is for a short time, he gets tired of the times that will heal the person.

Seeing Cigarettes in a Dream

It indicates that the dream owner will find goodness and goodness. It means that the person will get rid of the heavy burden of troubles, get together with his loved ones, and relieve the longing and relax by distracting him, so to speak. It signifies well-being, contentment, invitations to friends, deep conversations and comfort.

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