Seeing a Sorcerer in a Dream

Seeing a magician in a dream is not good. It is defined as the existence of malicious and bad people who talk to the face of the person who sees the dream separately, who try to dig his well, who covets his bread and income, who seeks ways to prevent his success. It means that the people around the dreamer are full of bad people and they are trying to pull themselves into evil, accident and trouble.

Dreaming of Being a Sorceress

It is said that the person who sees the dream will upset, hurt and offend some people by saying hurtful words or by doing wrong. It indicates that the dreamer will realize what a mistake he has made and that he will take a wrong step for a long time to recover the situation this time.

Seeing a Sorceress in a Dream

It is rumored that the dreamer has a male rival in business life or that there is a man among his friends who seems like a friend but is an enemy. It is explained through a man who tries to destroy the dream owner financially and spiritually.

Seeing a Sorcerer Teacher in a Dream

There is no difference between seeing a magician in a dream and seeing a magician. It indicates that there are some evil-eyed and malicious people who do not like the person who sees the dream, who try to sway him, who will take great pleasure in his sadness and failure. It means that these people have eyes on the dreamer’s property and money.

Talking to a Sorceress in a Dream

It refers to the curiosity of the person who sees the dream in astrology. It indicates that the dreamer is eager to look at hand, coffee, tarot or bean horoscope and is trying to learn something by concentrating on these issues.

Going to the Sorcerer in a Dream

It indicates that the dreamer will experience bad luck. He gets tired that setbacks will occur in the life of the person, which is going well, that this situation will bother him and he will lose all his joy.

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