Dreaming of Being Kissed

To see that you are kissed in your dream means that the things that the dreamer dreams of in his business and family life will come true as soon as possible, all the troubles and problems will disappear, all problematic events will be resolved, and the material and moral damage will be done in a short time. It is said that the dream will be destroyed and the dream owner will find a happy home that he has been longing for years.

Seeing Forced Kissing in a Dream

It indicates that the dreamer will achieve great profits and successes in business life, that if you do not receive any help, you will overcome a very big problem, spend very comfortable times, and lead a very comfortable life in a peaceful and happy environment.

Dreaming of Being Kissed on the Forehead

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will do great things without any help from anyone, he will gain very good and halal income, he will make great investments and support people in need of help, he will receive great blessings and he will become a beloved servant in the sight of Allah.

Seeing Your Lip Kissed in a Dream

The dream owner will be able to achieve something that he has dreamed of for many years and wanted very much, thanks to the works he will do in the very near future, that he will be happy like a child, that he will devote all his time to this dream, and that he will enter into jobs that will provide a great profit and that he will make a lot of money. indicates that you will win.

Dreaming of Being Kissed on the Foot

It indicates that the troubles that have been experienced for a long time in business life will come to an end, that thanks to the work done, you will earn a lot of money, that you will enter very good jobs and that you will be promoted to very high positions in these jobs. At the same time, it is said that a very comfortable period has been entered in business life.

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