Dreaming of Ducklings

To see a duckling in a dream is interpreted by the close circle of the dreamer. It is narrated to friends, acquaintances, relatives and sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter events that will be experienced with them. It indicates that the person who sees the dream will sometimes be in deep conversation and taste with these people, and sometimes he will face separation and resentment.

Feeding a Duckling in a Dream

The dreamer gets tired that he will say a word or act that will offend, upset and offend a person who loves him very much, protects him, does not spare him anything materially and spiritually, so to speak, is self-sacrificing to him. It is rumored that the dreamer will try to win her heart for a long time in order not to lose that person later on.

Dreaming of Yellow Ducklings

It means that positive, beautiful and beneficial changes will occur in the dreamer’s life, his sustenance will expand, his livelihood will become easier, his debts will be alleviated and his environment will be filled with good-hearted, magnanimous and generous people.

Seeing a White Duckling in a Dream

It indicates that the steps that the dreamer will take with good intentions and clean thoughts will bring him success and happiness. It is interpreted that thanks to this work, abundance, fertility, luck and fortune will come to the dreamer’s life.

Seeing a Black Duckling in a Dream

The black duckling in the dream is evaluated through the presence of a friend or a close friend from the sibling who facilitates the dreamer’s life, motivates him, and will not leave him in bad and difficult days.

Seeing a Green Duckling in a Dream

It indicates that there will be good developments that will make the life of the dreamer easier, ease his work, and bring his life to a much better point. It means that the person will receive the return of his efforts and hopes and will be in abundance and abundance.

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