Dreaming of Having a Son

It means that the life of a person who sees that he has a son in a dream will go as he wishes. It is said that the dreamer will achieve his goals that seem like dreams for everyone, will realize whatever goals he has for happiness and success, and will be far ahead of everyone in his education, business and private life. It means that all the expectations of the person who sees the dream in life will come true.

Dreaming of Having a Son and Breastfeeding

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will always be devoted to his children with great passion, love and affection, that he will be behind them in every decision, that he will cherish them as if they are babies, even when they are old, and will protect and watch over them.

Seeing Your Friend’s Son in a Dream

It means that the person who sees that the dream owner has a son in his sleep will receive the news that he is doing good deeds, sitting in important positions, rich, career, reputable and number one in his business. And the dream is interpreted through that person.

Dreaming of Having Twin Sons

It is interpreted that the person who sees that he has twin sons in his dream is a very lucky person. It is interpreted that the fortunes of the dreamer will not be missing and the person will have the most of everything, and will be one step ahead of everyone.

Dreaming of Being Someone Else’s Son

It indicates that the income, health, peace and comfort of that person will be in place. It indicates the existence of a noble, distinguished and respected person whom the dreamer envies to be like himself, follows his path and takes him as an example.

Dreaming of Having a Baby Boy

If a person sees that he has a baby boy in his dream, it means that he will have a beautiful life that he will thank Allah every day. It is a sign of owning a life that will not be easily obtained and counting himself among the special servants of Allah. It indicates that the dreamer will see grace upon grace from the right side.

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