Dreaming of Identity (ID Card)

To see an identity in a dream means that the person who sees the dream wants to change his life from beginning to end and is looking for ways for this. It is rumored that the dreamer will change his lifestyle, embark on new jobs, travel to other places, make new friendships and friendships, leave his past behind and open a new page in his life.

Seeing an Identity Card in a Dream

It is considered as yesterday, today and tomorrow of the person who sees the dream. It refers to the value judgments, beliefs, attitude and stance that the dreamer takes towards life that makes him/her himself/herself.

Losing Identity in a Dream

It indicates that the dreamer will fall into a bad event that he will see himself as worthless, will feel helpless and lonely, will be under the influence for a long time and therefore will be difficult to get over. It means that the person will feel as if he is not loved or wanted by anyone and will be very upset.

Changing Identity in a Dream

It means that there are some changes and innovations that the dreamer wants to make in his life. It indicates that the dreamer is trying to do something in this direction, that he is making efforts to create opportunities for this and that he is sure of his decision.

Dreaming of Identity  Being Torn

It is said that the dream owner will fail due to some problems in his business, which will affect his whole life, emotions and morale and turn it upside down. He gets tired of the coming of obstacles and setbacks.

Dreaming of Identity

If a person sees that he is looking for identity in his dream, it is explained that he is trying to solve the meaning of life and the secret of happiness. It is rumored that the person who sees the dream will not be happy without learning some things, he will not be able to get rid of his fears, delusions and doubts that make him feel bad, and he will not be able to find comfort and peace.

Asking for Identity in a Dream

It is called the criticism of the dream owner and the discussion on the truth.

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