Seeing a Fire in a Dream

To see that there is a fire in your dream is not interpreted in good ways and it is narrated that the person who sees the dream will have trouble due to others. Whichever way you look at it, it is considered a dream that points to sadness, crying, hurt, loss and loss of hope. It means that the people who see the dream and act together because they believe and trust will bring unhappiness and failure to them.

Seeing and Putting Out a Fire in a Dream

Thanks to the alertness and intelligence of the person who sees the dream, it indicates that a great disaster or loss will come back from his spouse by narrowly avoiding an accident or trouble. It means that the dreamer will be able to get rid of this situation by realizing that he has fake friends around him or that there is a job that will bring him into trouble.

Hearing A Fire In A Dream

If a person sees a fire in his dream, it is said that he will feel bad and will hear some words that he will be very sad or will receive such unpleasant news. He is tired of some events that will cause the dreamer’s smiling face to fade or hang and is considered as bad luck.

Seeing a Fire in the House in a Dream           

It indicates the quarrels, fights, noise and tumult that that person will experience in the household, and therefore the uneasiness that will occur among family members. It indicates that there will be annoying and difficult days in the dream owner’s home life.

Seeing a Fire in School in a Dream

It indicates disappointment and failure in professional or educational life. It is interpreted that the person who sees the dream will not get the reward of his efforts and his sacrifices will be in vain.

Seeing Things Burning in a Dream

Although this dream may seem negative, it is actually very auspicious and is explained by the fact that the person who sees the dream will be rich enough to have much better ones.

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