Seeing Being Wanted in a Dream

Seeing that you are wanted in a dream is sometimes considered bad and sometimes bad luck for the person who sees the dream, and if the dreamer is single, the dream is interpreted somewhat similar to its real meaning and indicates that the person who sees the dream will find his soul mate and make a happy marriage with him. This dream also indicates disappointment.

Seeing Being Wanted in a Dream

While it means that the person who sees the dream will not get the desired result in a job, on the other hand, it is rumored that there will be developments that will bring happiness, excitement and joy in his private life. It is interpreted as a big no, especially for unmarried people.

Giving a Girl in a Dream

It signifies partnership, agreement, ending resentment, resentment, grudge and hatred. It means that the dreamer will come together with some people and resort to a way that will bring goodness by uniting both ideas and hearts. It is explained by the coming together of several people and creating power.

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