Dream about teeth falling out

The most common and universal typical dream is  dreams about losing teeth. Some people have nightmare about teeth falling out. Having seen teeth fall out in a dream is interpreted as a nightmare by them. So what does it mean dreaming of falling  tooth or teeth?

Dream about teeth falling out

Dreaming of teeth falling out are generally related with loss and important life changes. It may indicate that you’re dealing with some sort of loss, like an abrupt end to a relationship or a job change. Tooth loss in a dream indicates taking new flavors of life. Dreaming about your own teeth falling out in your dream is interpreted as the end of your troubles. If the person who sees tooth loss in a dream is sick, it indicates that he or she will get rid of the disease.

To see that your teeth have completely fallen out indicates that you will live more than all your relatives. Excess teeth mean favor from relatives.

But dreaming of your teeth falling out also has negative interpretation, too. For example, meaning of dreaming of irregularity in teeth is disharmony in the household and tooth glare in dream indicates temporary distress in the family.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream about tooth or teeth falling out 

In our waking world, teeth don’t usually just fall out so this is fact which shows dreams about teeth falling out  or losing teeth may also has spiritual meaning too. If you have problems in your teeth and if you scared of losing them you may get such dreams.

Maybe this dream is a result of a feeling of a loss of control, or  worries about losing something or someone important to you. Also this dream might indeed be a sign of anxiety, or a symbol of a loss of stability in life, or a sense of lost security.

Scientifical Approach

“The investigators came up with two hypotheses to account for the prevalence of the teeth falling out dream. One was that the dream stemmed from actual dental distress like teeth grinding experienced during sleep. The other was that teeth falling out was a symbolic manifestation of some sort of emotional distress. We can conjecture that the latter explanation is the one Freud would have been onboard with.

The teeth grinding idea, however, is consistent with studies that show that sensory stimuli can translate into dream content. The same body of research demonstrates that people who have teeth dreams are more likely to have somatosensory dreams like flying, falling, or being chased (Yu, 2010). That provides reason to think they experience more somatosensory excitement when they’re sleeping.” Source: https://www.koppdental.com/do-you-dream-about-your-teeth-falling-out/

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