Seeing a Cut Head in a Dream

To see a severed head in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will get help from someone who has done very successful work related to the job while he is having great problems in business life, things will get better after the help from this person, the dreamer will have a master-apprentice relationship with this person and this person It indicates that he will reach very high positions by gaining great success thanks to them.

Seeing a Cut Thumb in a Dream

The person who sees the dream will go on a long journey related to his business life, he will return with good and good news from this journey, thanks to these news, he will come to very good places in business life, he will get rid of his problems and debts, and there will be great progress in the matters he worries about and he will make great progress. signifies.

Seeing a Cut Human Head in a Dream

It indicates that there will be very good developments in business life, that troubles and problems will end in a short time, that very beneficial and profitable works will be carried out in the work done, that the damages that have been repeated for a long time will be corrected, that much better positions will be achieved and that great help will be made to people in need. .

Seeing the Head in a Dream

It means that the dreamer will enter a very difficult period in his business life, he will experience a lot of trouble during this period, he will suffer a lot, he will experience great sadness, and then he will solve his problems and troubles with the help of a high-ranking official.

Decapitation in a Dream

The person who sees the dream will not leave his partner with whom he has been working for a long time due to a problem that will arise between them, stand on his own feet in business life, try to solve problems alone, make great leaps in business life and will be very strong financially by doing very good and beautiful works. it portends.

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