Seeing Your Teacher in a Dream

To see your teacher in your dream means that there are some issues that cause the person who has the dream to feel unhappy and guilty because he does not feel comfortable with his work. It is narrated to be restless and evil, and it indicates that the head and heart of the person who sees the dream are confused, therefore he needs a knower to show him the way out and salvation.

Seeing Your Teacher Crying in a Dream

It is considered happiness and joy. If the person who sees the dream sees that the crying person is really his teacher, it is rumored that he will receive very good news from his teacher and will witness his happiness. If the person has seen someone else as his teacher in his dream, then he gets tired that the person he sees will shed tears of joy.

Kissing Your Teacher in a Dream

The person who sees that he is kissing his teacher in his dream means that he will meet a person who will guide him, illuminate his path and give him relief, or he will receive great help from such a person. Thanks to someone, it is said to attain well-being, lightness and contentment.

Seeing Your Teacher Pregnant in a Dream

Seeing your teacher pregnant in your dream is narrated to gain prestige, reputation and office, thus to benefit greatly from worldly goods and blessings, and to live a rich life.

Seeing Your Teacher Dead in a Dream

It indicates that the life of the person who is seen as a teacher in the dream will be long contrary to the dream, and that the person will live a life in good health, taste and pleasure. If a person sees the person who is his teacher in his dream, this dream is interpreted directly through that person.

Seeing Your Teacher Sick in a Dream

It is considered a good dream. It refers to positive developments and surprise events. It is narrated to innovations and changes that will bring charity and beauty. This dream is explained as happiness.

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