Seeing Yourself Dead in a Dream

To see yourself dead in a dream portends good luck and it is explained that the dreamer will lead a healthy life. It means that the dreamer will not be ill with any physical illness during his life, but will also be a strong and fortified person spiritually, and will live a calm and peaceful life thanks to his flexibility in life and accepting that every pain comes from Allah.

Seeing Yourself Dead and Resurrected in a Dream

It is considered as happiness and joy for the dream owner. It portends surprise developments and good news. It is rumored that the wishes and prayers of the person who sees the dream will be answered, that his efforts will bring goodness to him, and that his life will be more beautiful day by day by advancing as he wishes.

Seeing Yourself in a Dead Coffin in a Dream

It means that there will be radical, beautiful and beneficial developments in the life of the person who sees himself in the coffin because he is dead in his dream. It indicates that events that will increase the success of the person who sees the dream, increase his reputation and rank will occur, and that the person’s luck will return.

Feeling Dead in a Dream

Contrary to the dream, it is explained that the dreamer will feel very good, stay fit, will be relieved thanks to his physical and mental health, his peace, taste and pleasure will be good, and it also indicates that he will recover if he has any disease.

Seeing Yourself Dead in a Dream

It indicates what is good and beautiful for the dream owner. It means that the person will be happy and at ease, his life will go well, and he will have a smile on his face. It is interpreted that the dreamer will live for many years in patience and tolerance.

Crying Seeing Oneself Dead in a Dream

It signifies receiving good news one after another and being happy. It means that the person who sees the dream will be happy as much as he cries.

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