Seeing Vomiting in a Dream

To see that you vomit in your dream means that you will get rid of troublesome situations, debts taken due to problems in business life will be paid easily in the near future, if there is an illness, you will be healed, the dreamer will repent for things that have been done a long time ago and cause constant guilt and repentance. It indicates that he will support people in need of help because of the sad events he has faced. At the same time, it indicates that the dreamer makes a decision while starting a job, making a vital decision and going on a road with someone, and therefore he will have great troubles in the future.

Cleaning up your vomit in a dream

It indicates that the dreamer will get rid of all the troubles and problems he has experienced, regret the bad and cruel things he has done, repent and choose the right path, turn to Allah with all his heart, and thus meet very good events and people in the worldly life.

Seeing Someone Vomiting in a Dream

Even though the person who sees the dream is very successful and well-done in his business life, loved and respected by people, helpful, smart and tolerant, he will witness a big gossip about himself and learn that the gossip is someone very close to him. He narrates that he will feel great sadness.

Vomiting in a Dream

It is interpreted that the dreamer, who has fallen into a very bad situation due to a problem arising from heart relations, will not be able to recover again and will be sad all the time.

Vomiting in a Dream

The dreamer gets tired that he will get rid of the bad events he has been through for a long time, will remove the people who cause him sadness and trouble from his life, will be promoted to high positions by working hard in his business life, and thus, he will have a very happy and peaceful life.

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