Dreaming of a Dead Mouse

To see a dead mouse in a dream indicates the existence of a person who has a strict attitude towards people, is unsympathetic, bad-hearted, malicious, ruthless, does not understand the situation and does not stop reading what he knows because he cannot be controlled. It is explained through a person who tries to live on the backs of people, makes plans to gain benefits by exploiting their labor, does not have mercy on anyone, thinks only of himself, and strives to strengthen his comfort in this world and increase his wealth.

Dreaming of a Dead Rat

It means that a person whose evil is to be feared can no longer harm anyone. It also means defeating an enemy who has ulterior motives, looks down on everyone, has no love and has no respect for anyone.

Eating a Dead Mouse in a Dream

It is termed to be defeated by one’s own selves, to deviate from evil ways, to be one with the devil, to be involved in deception and mischief, and to make a living in this way. It means that the person who sees the dream will have sustenance and property in unlawful ways by putting his or her faith and morals under his/her feet and giving up on them.

Collecting Dead Mice in a Dream

The person who sees that he or she collects dead mice in his or her dream is interpreted as the wrong, faulty and faulty deeds he or she has done in his or her past will come to light, heoe he will come before him or her when the time comes and the person will be disgraced in the society. This indicates that the dreamer will have very difficult and bad days.

Pressing a Dead Mouse in a Dream

It is considered bad luck and bad luck. It indicates that a great calamity will befall the dreamer, that he or she will not get rid of trouble and trouble, and that a bad calamity will follow for a long time.

Throwing a Dead Mouse in a Dream

It signifies opening hands to God Almighty, being repentant, learning from your mistakes, getting comfortable, regretting, and withdrawing your hands from the lies of the world. It is said that the dream owner will now take a step to live a clean life.

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