Dreaming of kiss on the lips

Dreaming about kissing crush

What does it mean to kiss someone on the lips?

Dreaming about kissing someone on the lips. If you see yourself kissing someone on the lips in a dream it can be sign of improving your communication in the near future with that person.  Your mind is ready to be closer to that person for further relationship.

If you have dreamed that you have kissed someone in the lips, then this dream has a spiritual meaning. Actually, it can be a sign of a spiritual communication between two persons. When you kiss someone’s lips in a dream, it can mean that you have secured an agreement.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like kissing you?

Kissing in a dream might be a sign of love, harmony, satisfaction, peace and affection. … Usually a dream about kissing is a sign of happiness and contentment. If you woke up from a dream when you were just about to kiss someone, such a dream might indicate not being sure about that person’s feelings towards you.


Dreaming of kissing crush

Dreaming about kissing crushWhat does it mean to kiss your crush in dream?

To see yourself kissing your crush in your dream indicates love, affectation and harmony. To see such dream shows that your mind is busy with that person and you desire to be close to that person and form some kind of relationship. It also means that your mind is ready for the two of you to get more than friends.

Meaning of dreaming about kissing crush is that you  like  the person you kiss and you want to get closer to that person.

Dreaming of cleaning stove pipe

What does it mean to see yourself cleaning stove pipe?

Some decisions need to be made to reach a position where the enemies will be upset. It means that the steps taken will realise a project that has been considered many times and which has not been improved even though a lot of effort has been made. The darkness will be enlightened, great progress will be made in the work done, the problems in the family will end and the wishes will be moved to a beautiful house.

Seeing someone who cleans the stovepipe in a dream indicates that  a stolen item of high spiritual valuewill be find.

Dreaming computer burning

What does it mean to see computer is burning in a dream?

Negative Meaning: Meaning of seeing a computer overheating or even burning with fire  is a bad sign that shows you are working too hard. Maybe you are putting in too much over time or losing work life balance. The dream indicates that you may soon encounter problems.

Seeing that the computer burns in your dream shows that consciousness of duty and responsibility is very high. You will set your business and your income will increase, You will experience great happiness.

Genreally seeing that the computer burns is interpreted to shed tears and go through a difficult period, to increase responsibilities and to lead a troubled life.

Dreaming of a Dwarf Woman

What does it mean to see dwarf woman in a dream?

It is rumored that there will be less opportunities in life, things will not grow much, short-term profits will be obtained, discussions will be experienced from time to time, expenses will increase, there will be uncertainty in some issues and spouses will be troubled in households.

Women’s Sexual Organs in Dream

What does it mean to see women’s sexual organs in a dream?

To dream about a woman’s private part is a sign that who see a woman’s female genitalia in dream will receive a large amount of money, goods or something valuable that she or he does not expect soon. It  also means to get rid of the problems, to be relieved financially, to be a respected person.

A Woman Sleeping With A Woman In A Dream

What does it mean if a woman see herself sleeping with an another woman in a dream?

The woman who see herself sleeping with a woman in a dream points out that if she knows the woman she is sleeping with, she will learn her secrets but if she doesn’t  know that woman then this dream means that she is dealing with useless work in real life.

For a person who dreams that he is having sex with a woman; if the woman is beautiful, then dream indicates good things, but  if the woman is ugly  then dream signs for bad things

Seeing a Pregnant Woman in a Dream

dreaming pregnant woman

What does it mean to see a pregnant woman in a dream?

Having  seen a pregnant woman in a dream is a sign that if a woman is familiar, she will soon have a child or a fortune. Especially for single ladies, such a dream is often interpreted as a wedding.

Sometimes this dream points to a charity that will come to you from that woman, and with her help you will get rid of your troubles and reach the welfare.

Seeing that you are helping  a pregnant woman to give birth in a dream is interpreted  that some people will get benefit from you and there will be  beauties that will reach someone from your hands.

In a dream, seeing a pregnant woman miscarry is a sign of bad news coming soon. The dream of a pregnant woman to give birth to a boy heralds the good news, the power of one’s job to coincide; to see that she gives birth to a girl is a good news sign.

Talking to a Pregnant Woman in a Dream

Anyone who encounters a pregnant woman in a dream, chats, talks or does something with her takes part in a crowded meeting, wedding, engagement.

Seeing that your own sister is pregnant is interpreted to the fortunate events that will happen to your family. And seeing your daughter is pregnant in dream means that if she is in marriage age, the fortune will be happened to find someone to marry, if  she is not in the marriage age, when she grows up she will be a bride who will goes to a rich family.

To see a pregnant woman dies during birth in dream

Seeing a woman in a dream that she is pregnant and dying during childbirth is a sign of  to have a great legacy,  to have a long life, and  to reach  what is desired. The death of a pregnant woman is the harbinger of good weather and happiness waiting for you.

Psychological Expression of Dreaming Pregnant Women

The person who sees a pregnant woman in her dream, is fond of children, loves to help, has a soft character, is a good-natured person, seeing that she is pregnant is the expression of your desire to marry in your inner world.

Meaning of riding ox in dream

riding ox in a dreamWhat does it mean to ride  an ox in a dream?

I have seen myself riding an oxen in my dream. I was thinking why  I don’t ride a horse but an ox. And I was thinking  it is better to have an ox because  if I get hungry and cant find anything to eat then I can eat this ox.

I couldnt find meaning of this dream anywhere. Is there anyone who knows meaning of this dream?


Meaning of Dreaming Woman Breasts or Boobs

dreams about woman boobs or breasts

What does it mean to see Woman Breasts or Boobs in Dream

Meaning of seeing a woman’s breast in a dream is interpreted that the person who sees the dream will enter into auspicious works in business life.

General Meaning of Dreaming Woman Breast

This dream indicates:

  • that you will get huge gains,
  • that you will get rid of all your troubles and problems,
  • that you will help everyone who needs help,
  • that you will support everyone who has problems
  • that you will be God’s beloved servant and will be protected from all evil.

Seeing a female boob in a dream signifies that the dream owner has a friend who always shares dream owner’s troubles and distress, who is always upset when dream owner is upset.

Dream About  Sucking Woman Nipple

It is a sign that the dreamer will get huge gains in business life,  will get rid of the problems, will achieve great successes by doing very big and auspicious works, will become the property owner with the money he or she earns and will live a very nice and prosperous life.

Dreams About  Touching Female Breast

It proves that the dream owner is going to do various studies to make big gains in business life. It is sign that you will exchange ideas with the experienced person or people about whether to get into the business or not.

Dream About Licking Woman Boob

It is rumored that the dream owner, who takes a new step in business life and enters a new job, will not gain as much as he or she expected from the work  in the first time, so he or she will have a very difficult and troubled period but this situation will be improved in later studies.

Meaning of dreams about stroking Woman Breast

Tis dream points out that the dream owner will review whether the preparations for the business are sufficient with the work to be done before taking very big steps in the business life.