Deja vu and Reincarnation

Is deja vu a reasonable argument to support the theory of reincarnation?

I think it does not work all by itself as a sign of reincarnation. Just a feeling of ‘already seen’ might be triggered by childhood memories, seeing movies or tourist info, or psychic intuition (reading the information from the place or connecting with spirits there with psychic intuition). But if it is combined with past-life memories seen in dreams, meditation or hypnosis – it is a good sign of reincarnation.

Irina Nola, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist

Is it reasonable? Sure. You can use reason to make a case here. Is it convincing? I don’t believe so. Research suggests that instances of deja vu are a consequence of electrical malfunction in the brain.

Research Provides New Insight on Why We Experience Déjà Vu

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