Do dreams have any connections with the past life?

Dreams’s connection with the past life (Reincarnation maybe)?

You mean you were alive once then dead and came back a new life and remember the old one in dreams??? NOPE.

All your thoughts of consciousness are past!… sub-conscious experience input before output to awareness. Dreams are house cleaning events of data files… Think you are living in 1864… U.S.A. or where every you’ve read about it or seen the first ever made photos came about from field cameras… You can dream you are there… or flying in a marvel comic book movie… or dancing like Fred Astaire… (If you know who that was).

Dreams not not necessarily have anything to do with your present life reality – That’s why we call them dreams.

T. Stephen Cornelius,


Sorry Mr. Cornelius you are all wrong in your information. You need to stick to something you really know something about.

We do have multiple lives and in many different situation over the centuries. The circumstances of those lives depends on the lesson we have come to earth to learn. We choose our goals and how we are going to accomplish them. Dreams give us a opening to our subconscious where the information for our life is stored.

There are many types of dreams so we are talking about a certain kind that is more meaningful than other dreams. There are wish fulfilling dreams, where you really would like a new car and you see yourself driving just the one you want. There are dreams that are a result of some undigested food that disrupt your sleep. There are dreams that remind you of some event of the past day and how you reacted in a certain situation. Then there are dreams that have a more deeper meaning that come to you from the universe as a reminder of who you are and what you chose as your life’s purpose. You are given a gimps into a past situation that did not go well, and you resolved to do better a second time.

This is a good time for a illustration from my own life. I also wrote about it in my book “The Shadow Child” under the pen name of Shawna A. Grey. It is a long story so I will try and condense it a bit. One day I lost the vision in my right eye for about a second. It was as if a shade was drawn down on my vision. My optometrist suggested I have a heart doctor take a look as she thought there might be some involvement in the blood vessels to my eyes. This resulted in a procedure where the heart is examined by running a tube with a camera down you throat and looking at the heart through the lining of the stomach. The doctor was a hour late for the procedure, ( I sat with a IV in my arm all that time), he was rude to me when he arrived and very unprofessional preforming the testing. The nurse assisting him was as upset as I was angry! The reasons for the test was a theory that a piece of plack (protein) might have broken from one of my arteries and was blocking the blood vessels to my eyes. The test proved to be negative, but the real story here is my anger against the doctor and how I had been treated. I had difficulties getting the appointment with him, in the first place, and he did not even apologize for being an hour late on the day of the exam. I felt that I had not been given the respect i deserved as a person, treated as a object and, disregarded any feeling I had all together! I was full of anger!

That next week I went to a meditation group that meet once a week in a local church. There was about thirty people there, and a lady who played the harp for background music. The leader of the group gave a guided meditation. I remember sitting in the chair and drifting off as in sleep when suddenly I saw myself standing on a hill over looking a burnt out church. I was a man dressed in a priest outfit. As I walked towards the church the walls became solid again and the roof looked as if it was new. I opened the large wooden door and was greeted by a large group of people who knew me and called me father. A few minutes later the doors busted open with a group of men with clubs and pitch forks who dragged me out of the church and up a near by hill. I knew I was going to be beaten and killed by these men. I asked Spirit “why are you showing me this”? A soft female voice whispered in my ear, “forgive them”! I came out of that meditation with all kinds of questions in my mind.

Fortunately for me I have a very good friend who is also a Spiritualist minister and lives in Boston Mass. I called her and told her the above story and the circumstances of the eye exam. Her question to me was “Connie how did you feel when the men were dragging you out of the church”? I said I was angry because they did not respect me as a person nor respect the office I held as a priest. She said, “look what you just said. How different is that experience from the one with the doctor”? I had to admit it was the same. Then she continued “what were you told Forgive them! That is the lesson here. You are being reminded in the past you did not forgive, You have a second chance to forgive this time”! Yes we are reminded for a past life when the situation is being repeated in the present day, and we can chose to act another way, balancing out the Karma and learning from our mistakes!

Connie Allison


Some dreams may have connections to past lives, the issue is often how to recognise the symbols communicating these memories. Love and war are the two biggest sets of human memories to “experience” and the past is rich with many similiar emotional tones. My understanding of past life theory is based on the idea that whilst we only live one life, we are born with ‘karmic’ codes which allow connections to the memory collective and dreaming, being the first and original “spiritual” activity, gives us opportunity to explore and even rectify that which keeps us seperate from the harmony of the whole.

Umar Scott-Smith


Recurring dreams do have connections with past life. Sometimes scientists refer to them as Epic dreams.

But in order to connect with your past life self, you will need both.

Do no forget recurring dreams involve only you until a certain phase, after which when it turns Epic Dreams involving other people: Those dreams are found documented in Late Roman Ages.

Especially in the Bible, Paul’s conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus is an Epic Dream in scientific point of view (Acts 13:9)

Cihan Vercan

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