Dreaming of kiss on the lips

Dreaming about kissing crush

What does it mean to kiss someone on the lips?

Dreaming about kissing someone on the lips. If you see yourself kissing someone on the lips in a dream it can be sign of improving your communication in the near future with that person.  Your mind is ready to be closer to that person for further relationship.

If you have dreamed that you have kissed someone in the lips, then this dream has a spiritual meaning. Actually, it can be a sign of a spiritual communication between two persons. When you kiss someone’s lips in a dream, it can mean that you have secured an agreement.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like kissing you?

Kissing in a dream might be a sign of love, harmony, satisfaction, peace and affection. … Usually a dream about kissing is a sign of happiness and contentment. If you woke up from a dream when you were just about to kiss someone, such a dream might indicate not being sure about that person’s feelings towards you.


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