Meaning of dream of apple

dream of apple

What does it mean to see apple in a dream?

  • Dreaming of Apple is a symbol which indicates  prosperity, wealth, perfection and beauty, fulfilled goals and desires.
  • To see apple in a dream denotes harmony, pleasure, fertility, and sexual desire
  • Seeing yourself eating an apple in the dream means fulfilled goals and physical desires.
  • The apple is also an ancient symbol of fertility
  •  To see apple in dream signifies love, temptation, and spiritual growth
  • Dreaming green apples symbolizes something new, fresh and very positive and also denotes new and bright ideas and optimism
  • The apple  seen in a dream is can be symbol of sexual seduction and may imply sexuality
  • Mostly apple seen in the dream is sign of reproduction and love
  • Red apples in a dream means sexual desire, sexuality and symbolizes joy and happiness.
  • Dreaming apple represent good relations in reality.
  • Dreaming of  eating sweet, delicious, juicy apples signifies pleasure, joy and prosperity, but also lust and desire.
  • Dreams about growing apples means you have or will have healthy relationships with people
  • To see yourself peeling an apple in your dream denotes that you will get rid of your troubles even if it is hard to do.
  • To dream of apple tree indicates marriage, partnership or possession

Negative meanings of dreaming of apple:

  • Seeing apple in your dream is related to your guilty conscience and doubtfulness.
  • Dreaming of rotten apples offers you should proceed with caution
  • To see rotten apple could mean your plans will fail.
  • Dreaming rotten apples symbolizes something negative, such as failure, misery, loss or illness,
  • Rotten apple in dream means that you feel physically sick and fragile.
  • Eating rotten apple also has neagtive meanings as mentioned above
  • To see someone is eating apple in a dream denotes that you will have problems and you will need time to overcome it.
  • If the apple seen in dream is bitter, it means that you are going to have problems because of a baby or child

If you dreamed of spoiled apples, which you eat, it is a bad sign, but don’t be upset about the prediction, you are the creator of own destiny. Be patient and believe in own strength, and all roads will open to you.

If you saw a lot of apples lying on the ground, according to dream interpretation by Miller, you should revise your circle of close friends in order to bring your enemies into light. They might pretend to be your friends and will harm you, while you least expect.

The only possible bad meaning can spoiled apple have, or an apple with a worm. Such dreams mean that you have to be overly cautious, because you will be surrounded by a large number of detractors.


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