Meaning of the dream of garlic

Meaning of dreaming of garlic

What does seeing garlic in dream mean? What is the meaning of peeling, buying, cutting, or smelling of garlic in a dream?

Here are the common meanings of dreams about garlics;

  • The garlic seen in dream symbolizes fertility
  • The garlic seen in a dream indicates good health
  • The Garlic seen in a dream is a symbol of healing
  • Fresh and white garlic in dream is symbol of a fresh love relation
  • Dried garlic in dream is a sign for successful treatment .
  • Eating raw garlic in a dream refers to receiving illegal money

Meaning of Dreaming Garlic Shells:

Dreaming of garlics with shells means that you are going to earn money  more than you need

Meaning of Dreaming of Planting Garlic:

To see yourself planting a garlic in your dream  indicates that your relative will apply to alternative methods in order to recover from the illness and he or she  will ask  help from you.

Meaning of Dreaming Garlic Field:

Dreaming of garlic in field or garden can be sign of recovering from a deadly illness or it can be sign that  you will get big success in a job which you don’t expect.

Meaning of Dreaming of Crushing Garlic:

To  see yourself  crushing garlic in a dream syndicates a friend of you who directs you to bad habits.

Meaning of Dreaming of Buying Garlic:

Seeing yourself  buying garlic in your dream  may indicate that you will notice that the disease you think you have it doesn’t exist actually and the symptoms of it which push you to think will be disappeared.  In your dream if you take a garlic from a person, it denotes that somebody from your family or relatives without child will get a baby by having result from treatment.

Meaning of Eating Garlic in a Dream:

To see yourself eating garlic in dream may be sign that in spite of your faults and mistakes, you will meet with a loyal spouse who will make you always happy, commit to you with loyalty, and won’t abandon you forever.

If  the garlic that you eat in your dream is delicious   then this dream means that you will not return to your bad habits which you gave up because of your health.  But if the smell of garlic in dream is bad and you get disturbed while you eat it then this dream denotes that you will return to your habits which you gave up beacuse of health.

Meaning of Peeling Garlic in a Dream:

Dreaming of yourself peeling garlic can be sign of coziness, weakness and intercourse.  If you see someone  in your dream who is peeling garlic indicates that you may behave or act strangely for a while

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming  #Garlic

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