Meaning of Dreaming Woman Breasts or Boobs

dreams about woman boobs or breasts

What does it mean to see Woman Breasts or Boobs in Dream

Meaning of seeing a woman’s breast in a dream is interpreted that the person who sees the dream will enter into auspicious works in business life.

General Meaning of Dreaming Woman Breast

This dream indicates:

  • that you will get huge gains,
  • that you will get rid of all your troubles and problems,
  • that you will help everyone who needs help,
  • that you will support everyone who has problems
  • that you will be God’s beloved servant and will be protected from all evil.

Seeing a female boob in a dream signifies that the dream owner has a friend who always shares dream owner’s troubles and distress, who is always upset when dream owner is upset.

Dream About  Sucking Woman Nipple

It is a sign that the dreamer will get huge gains in business life,  will get rid of the problems, will achieve great successes by doing very big and auspicious works, will become the property owner with the money he or she earns and will live a very nice and prosperous life.

Dreams About  Touching Female Breast

It proves that the dream owner is going to do various studies to make big gains in business life. It is sign that you will exchange ideas with the experienced person or people about whether to get into the business or not.

Dream About Licking Woman Boob

It is rumored that the dream owner, who takes a new step in business life and enters a new job, will not gain as much as he or she expected from the work  in the first time, so he or she will have a very difficult and troubled period but this situation will be improved in later studies.

Meaning of dreams about stroking Woman Breast

Tis dream points out that the dream owner will review whether the preparations for the business are sufficient with the work to be done before taking very big steps in the business life.

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