Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

What does it mean to search a way or a road in a dream?

Searching for a way or a road in a dream is interpreted that you will realize a work that you have been working on for a long time with the help of a  close known person  and that work will lead to abundance and fertility in the household. The problems will be solved smoothly and the difficulties will be overcome. At the same time, it is a sign that a bad effect caused by a sad situation encountered in an unexpected moment will be eliminated.

What does it mean to ask direction  in a dream?

It is interpreted that support and ideas will be obtained from family elders or people who have experience in business in order to get rid of a situation which causes problems in business or family life. In this way, the solution will be found for problems in a short time, and the discussions will end. It also signifies that a doctor will be consulted about a health problem and thus there will be relief spiritualy.

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