Playing snowballs in a dream

Playing snowballs in a dream
To dream playing snawball in a dream!

What does it mean to play snowballs in a dream?

Dreaming of playing snowballs signifies having a good time. , Many successive studies will be done after  having the decision to be taken about a bad business which has been for a long time. Earnings that will be get  thanks to these studies will be used in the way of God and the poor people will always be helped by the that.

To play snowballs in a dream symbolises:

  • that you will have a great circle of friends in your social life,
  • that a relationship that ended long ago but with a heart wound will flare up again,
  • that mistakes made will be compensated,
  • that the passing time will take away bad habits and more brave, more agile and more positive It is rumored
  • that a personality, which is more brave without bad habits and more agile and positive will be gained
  • thatthere will be happiness
  • that the ice will melt,
  • that a decision will be taken will make the spouse, friend and relatives happy,
  • that the mistakes will be corrected,
  • that the old friends will come together,
  • that a job done as a hobby will bring big profits and this gain will change life in a positive way.

Spiritual Meaning of Playing Snowballs in a Dream

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