Seeing a Pregnant Woman in a Dream

dreaming pregnant woman

What does it mean to see a pregnant woman in a dream?

Having  seen a pregnant woman in a dream is a sign that if a woman is familiar, she will soon have a child or a fortune. Especially for single ladies, such a dream is often interpreted as a wedding.

Sometimes this dream points to a charity that will come to you from that woman, and with her help you will get rid of your troubles and reach the welfare.

Seeing that you are helping  a pregnant woman to give birth in a dream is interpreted  that some people will get benefit from you and there will be  beauties that will reach someone from your hands.

In a dream, seeing a pregnant woman miscarry is a sign of bad news coming soon. The dream of a pregnant woman to give birth to a boy heralds the good news, the power of one’s job to coincide; to see that she gives birth to a girl is a good news sign.

Talking to a Pregnant Woman in a Dream

Anyone who encounters a pregnant woman in a dream, chats, talks or does something with her takes part in a crowded meeting, wedding, engagement.

Seeing that your own sister is pregnant is interpreted to the fortunate events that will happen to your family. And seeing your daughter is pregnant in dream means that if she is in marriage age, the fortune will be happened to find someone to marry, if  she is not in the marriage age, when she grows up she will be a bride who will goes to a rich family.

To see a pregnant woman dies during birth in dream

Seeing a woman in a dream that she is pregnant and dying during childbirth is a sign of  to have a great legacy,  to have a long life, and  to reach  what is desired. The death of a pregnant woman is the harbinger of good weather and happiness waiting for you.

Psychological Expression of Dreaming Pregnant Women

The person who sees a pregnant woman in her dream, is fond of children, loves to help, has a soft character, is a good-natured person, seeing that she is pregnant is the expression of your desire to marry in your inner world.

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