Seeing the White Curtain in a Dream

To see a white curtain in a dream is interpreted as being among the dreams that are interpreted as the best of the bad. Although it is not very serious, important and insurmountable, it indicates that unpleasant situations will occur or such an event will occur that will cause trouble to the dreamer and manage to lose his peace. As the phrase goes, a fly is tired of encountering situations that fit the phrase, “it’s not a thing, it makes you sick”.

Drawing the White Curtain in a Dream

It is rumored that the person who sees the dream tries to hide his troubles, sorrows and difficulties and does not want to reveal this to anyone. It means that the dreamer lives everything inside with his fortitude and maturity and does not prefer to reveal his secrets.

Buying a White Curtain in a Dream

It indicates that events that will cause headaches will occur to the person who sees that he buys a white curtain in his dream. It is stated that the morale of the dreamer will be broken, his joy, taste and pleasure will be lost, but the situation will be overcome in a short time.

Seeing a White Tulle Curtain in a Dream

This dream portends good luck, and for the dreamer, it is interpreted as beauty, well-being and relief. It indicates that events that will lead to the end of the dream owner’s problems and finding happiness will occur.

Washing the White Curtain in a Dream

He gets tired of working, trying and being patient to deal with difficulties. It means that the dreamer needs to relax and clear his head. It is accepted that all the effort of the person is in this direction.

Sewing a White Curtain in a Dream

It is a sign of getting rid of the trouble of living, unemployment and lack of money, getting stronger financially, having the opportunity to pay off debts easily and living an easy life. It is rumored that the person who sees the dream will find the fruits of his efforts and dreams. It indicates that the dreamer will get good and great opportunities, and will experience a very fruitful and productive period.

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