Seeing a White Bird in a Dream

To see a white bird in a dream means that the dreams of the person who sees the dream will come true and it portends good luck. It is called clean news, surprising developments, good, positive and good developments. It is rumored that events that will give hope to the dream owner, enlighten the way, encourage him, and enable him to act in line with his intentions and goals, and that the person will have fun days.

Feeding a White Bird in a Dream

It means that the dreamer has goals, plans, thoughts and dreams for their future. It means that the person has good thoughts for his future and has great goals.

Seeing a Flock of White Birds in a Dream

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will receive very happy news one after the other, he will be happy, he will almost fly into the air. It is considered as fate, luck and luck and it is interpreted as the luck of the dreamer will be clear.

Seeing White Bird Feather in a Dream

It is said that the person who sees a white bird feather in his dream will get rid of his troubles, troubles and sorrows, will relieve them of their burden, and thus will be relieved, relaxed and at the same time find peace.

Catching a White Bird in a Dream

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will get the opportunity of his life. It indicates that these important opportunities will lead to radical changes in the dreamer’s life and will add great values ​​to his life both materially and spiritually.

Killing a White Bird in a Dream

It means that the dreamer will lose a special and valuable chance that will not be easily seized again due to a small carelessness or mistake.

Dreaming of a White Bird

It indicates the realization of dreams, the success of the person, the achievement of what he puts his mind to, seeing the fruits of his efforts, and thus smiling on his face. It indicates that the dreamer will have a very good period and will do the best works of his life during this period.

Dreaming of Birds

Seeing birds in a dream means getting good news one after another, encountering surprising developments and being happy as if you have never been happy before. It is rumored that the dreamer’s life will become as beautiful as possible, his prayers and wishes will be accepted, and the doors of luck and destiny will open in front of him. It indicates getting opportunity after opportunity and not knowing what to do because of excitement.

Flying Like Birds in a Dream

If a person dreams that he is flying like a bird, it is accepted that he will reach the highest points. It indicates that the dreamer’s life will pass with successes and victories, that the superior abilities he will show will be appreciated, and this will carry him to the top.

Feeding Birds in a Dream

It indicates that the eye of the heart, known as the third eye, of the person who sees the dream is open, that his compassion, conscience and faith make him privileged from everyone else, and that he can see and feel what ordinary people cannot see, thanks to his advanced emotional intelligence. It is believed that these features make the dreamer privileged and acceptable in the sight of God.

Talking to Birds in a Dream

It means that the dreamer is a powerful and wise person. It means that a person has a very distinguished place in society, and it is interpreted that he is loved and respected by people.

Birds Entering the House in the Dream

It signifies a big surprise that will happen in the dream owner’s house. It is tired of a good news that will be met with great joy among family members, and it is rumored that healing, abundance, wealth and peace will enter the house of the person who sees the dream.

Dreaming of Birds

It is not good at all, it is called kicking a big fortune or missing an opportunity, and then sitting down and crying like a child with a lot of sadness and regret. It means that the dreamer will realize what he has lost and, so to speak, will hit his head from stone to stone.