Seeing Marbles in a Dream

To see marbles in a dream refers to having fun and good days, forgetting bad days, troubles and worries, being in a friendly family, easy living and getting rid of fears. It indicates that the person who sees the dream will prefer to live a simple, plain and humble life, will know how to make do with what he has and will be happy even with small things.

Collecting Marbles in a Dream

Collecting marbles in a dream is considered as the number of happy and beautiful days that the dreamer will experience in the near future, and it is interpreted that the dreamer will experience as many good events as the number of marbles he collects in his sleep and receive news that he will be happy about.

Playing Marbles in a Dream

It is rumored that the dreamer will still believe that life is beautiful despite all his troubles, sufferings and difficulties, and that he will be able to motivate himself, laugh and have fun. It means that the person who sees the dream knows that every darkness has an end and that he never lost his hope and childish purity for this.

Buying Marbles in a Dream

It signifies to be at peace, to get rid of doubts, worries and confusion, to relax, to lighten up and to be cheerful. It indicates that the dreamer does not worry about anything too much and smiles are never missing from his face.

Swallowing Marbles in a Dream

Despite knowing all the dangers of the person who sees the dream, it is said that he will enter an uncanny path or will do such a job. It means that the person will enter a more profitable business by risking loss, without thinking and without fear.

Seeing a Marble in a Dream

It indicates that the person who sees the dream has never killed the child in him, that he is firmly attached to life as in those times, and that his dreams that tomorrow will be beautiful never run out. He gets tired of being energetic, not losing good intentions, laughing out loud, enjoying every moment of his life knowing the value.