Meaning of dreaming of icy road

What is the meaning of  to see icy road in a dream?

It is interpreted that the dreamer will enter a job that seems very easy for him or her, but will take a wrong step because of his or her inexperience in a situation he or she will encounter. She or he will fall into undesirable situations due to his work being troublesome and will get a big blow financially. It is also a sign that  dreamer  will be confronted a person who likes to break the rules and there will be friction with that person and eventually  there will be a discussion about the work.

Seeing a Closed Road in a Dream

What is the meaning of seeing a closed road or way in a dream?

Seeing a Closed Road in a Dream is interpreted that a job that is realized with the money received from friends or relatives, and with thousands of difficulties, will provide good earning in the begining. But then it is a sign that everything will suddenly turn upside down and harm the business and the owner. It is interpreted that a person who has an unfair gain will cause some problems in business life

Dream meaning of seeing green way or road

What does it mean to see green way or green road in a dream?

Seeing the Green Way in Dream  indicates that the person is experiencing an event that has a huge impact on him or herself. Therefore, that impact he or she carries cause more problems day by day. Taht is why it is rumored that some major decisions should be taken as soon as possible and these decisions should be implemented urgently.

At the same time, this dream is sign of unpleasantness among his or her colleagues, which will grow and grow soon  and will be carried to leader ot boss

Dream meaning of washing the road

What does it mean to see washing the road in a dream?

Washing the Road in a Dream  points out that the person has been trying to make a different business for a long time in order to make a profit will do some studies about what he can do for this purpose and that the success of these works will solve the problems and the worries will be eliminated.

Meaning of dreaming road collapsed

What does it mean to see collapse of the road in dream?

It is rumored that an unexpectedly harmful situation will affect business life and family life very badly.  So it should be paid attention to the steps taken and promises, otherwise there will be events that will be regretted and perhaps irreversible.

Meaning of Losing Way or Road in a Dream

What does it mean to lose your way  or road in a dream?

It’s a dream with bad meanings. Indicates that the person will be in a situation where he or she will have trouble because of not having the necessary knowledge and experience in his work. He or she will be financially damaged. She or he will be dealing with bad people and  will be in the middle of a fraudulent job.

Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

What does it mean to search a way or a road in a dream?

Searching for a way or a road in a dream is interpreted that you will realize a work that you have been working on for a long time with the help of a  close known person  and that work will lead to abundance and fertility in the household. The problems will be solved smoothly and the difficulties will be overcome. At the same time, it is a sign that a bad effect caused by a sad situation encountered in an unexpected moment will be eliminated.

What does it mean to ask direction  in a dream?

It is interpreted that support and ideas will be obtained from family elders or people who have experience in business in order to get rid of a situation which causes problems in business or family life. In this way, the solution will be found for problems in a short time, and the discussions will end. It also signifies that a doctor will be consulted about a health problem and thus there will be relief spiritualy.

Meaning of dreaming of sweeping road or path

What does it mean to sweep a road  or  a path in a dream?What does it mean to sweep a road  or  a path in a dream?

The dreaming of sweeping  road or path in dream points out that the things that cause problems in business or family life will be removed, the discussions between the family members will end with good result. The problems will be solved in a short time, a step will be taken in the field of education and  it indicates a long-term holiday that you will go.

Dreaming of making of road or path or way

What does it mean to see making road or path in a dream?

It’s a good dream. It points out that person who see this dream will enter into an effort in order to continue his life, thus establishing his own business.  This dream  is a sign that  this person will be very comfortable in financial terms.  He or she will get what he or she imagined. And owner of this dream will  take an important step in marriage and prosperity.

To dream of opening path or road also means:

Some of the issues going wrong will be examined in a short time. Anything that goes wrong will be tried to rectify. Troubles will inevitably show. A bad person will be removed from the household. The coldness between spouses will be eliminated. You must be  very careful about a person who enters the house, otherwise a situation of sadness may arise.

Dreaming of walking on a thorny path or road

What does it mean walking on a thorny road or path in a dream?

Just as a person who walks on a thorny path in a dream has same meaning with walking in sand and gravel. This dream is not sign for good. To see himself or herself walking on a thorny road or path  in a dream signifies his or her great sorrow and grief. The thorns seen in the dream are the symbols of that gamut. If the person walking on the thorny road feels that he has no power anymore to walk and totally exhausted then this dream indicates a death. It can indicate the death of a family member.