Seeing a Closed Road in a Dream

What is the meaning of seeing a closed road or way in a dream?

Seeing a Closed Road in a Dream is interpreted that a job that is realized with the money received from friends or relatives, and with thousands of difficulties, will provide good earning in the begining. But then it is a sign that everything will suddenly turn upside down and harm the business and the owner. It is interpreted that a person who has an unfair gain will cause some problems in business life

Dream meaning of seeing green way or road

What does it mean to see green way or green road in a dream?

Seeing the Green Way in Dream  indicates that the person is experiencing an event that has a huge impact on him or herself. Therefore, that impact he or she carries cause more problems day by day. Taht is why it is rumored that some major decisions should be taken as soon as possible and these decisions should be implemented urgently.

At the same time, this dream is sign of unpleasantness among his or her colleagues, which will grow and grow soon  and will be carried to leader ot boss

Meaning of Losing Way or Road in a Dream

What does it mean to lose your way  or road in a dream?

It’s a dream with bad meanings. Indicates that the person will be in a situation where he or she will have trouble because of not having the necessary knowledge and experience in his work. He or she will be financially damaged. She or he will be dealing with bad people and  will be in the middle of a fraudulent job.

Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

Meaning of searching a way/ road in a dream

What does it mean to search a way or a road in a dream?

Searching for a way or a road in a dream is interpreted that you will realize a work that you have been working on for a long time with the help of a  close known person  and that work will lead to abundance and fertility in the household. The problems will be solved smoothly and the difficulties will be overcome. At the same time, it is a sign that a bad effect caused by a sad situation encountered in an unexpected moment will be eliminated.

What does it mean to ask direction  in a dream?

It is interpreted that support and ideas will be obtained from family elders or people who have experience in business in order to get rid of a situation which causes problems in business or family life. In this way, the solution will be found for problems in a short time, and the discussions will end. It also signifies that a doctor will be consulted about a health problem and thus there will be relief spiritualy.