Taking bath, moldy cube sugar, to stay with strangers in dream

Taking bath, moldy cube sugar,  to stay with strangers in dream.In my dream, I was first sitting with my sister and mother, whom I was offended. Then my mom said we were going somewhere. So I went to take bath. I took bath in the bathroom. Then my sister took shower in a place like a cabin or toilet. Then to change my clothes I went to place where my sister took shower . While trying to change my clothes my hairs got watered. Then I went out cabin and saw that we are showing  our house to strangers.  Then I noticed two of our female relatives  with whom we are not good also were also at our house.  I had a cup of tea with one cube sugar. Then I took another cube sugar  but  i noticed sugar was moldy. Then I wanted to take another cube sugar but it was also  moldy. Then I asked relatives why these sugars were like that and they said they were like that moldy since our grandmother died. Then we went to near strangers. My cousin was describing rooms to those strangers like she  guide  in museum.  Then I saw strangers and all relatives going to stay in this house with us. I understood we all have to stay here so I thought about choosing rooms and choosing beds. Each room had 3 beds and an armchair.

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