To see tomatoes in a dream

To see tomatoes in a dream
Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming Tomatoes

What does it mean to see tomatoes in the dream?

13 different positive meanings of dreaming tomatoes:

  1. To dream of a tomato represents comfort
  2. A tomato may indicate domestic happiness
  3. A ripen tomato seen in the dream indicates a happy married state
  4. Moldy and Rotten tomato is sign of  missed opportunities in romantic relationship
  5. Dreaming about tomatoesmay symbolize that you are about to step into new phase at work or in life
  6. If you see a dream in which you eat tomatoes, it means that you will get good health.
  7. If you see tomatoes growing in the garden in your dream, then this dream denotes joy.
  8. If a young woman or girl see ripe tomatoes in her dream she will get successful marriage soon.
  9. Dreaming of tomatoe sometimes indicates a secret love.
  10. To See sliced tomatoes in  your dream represents that some changes will happen in your monoton and boring life.
  11. Cutting tomatoes seen in dream represents passion and strong, barely controllable emotions.
  12. Watering tomato plants in dream  means soon you will feel an unexpected emotion or meet a new friend in real life.
  13. Growing tomato plants in dream means you will get visitors or guests with fun

Bad meanings of dreaming tomatoe:

  • To see yourself throwing tomatoes in your dream shows that you may come up against some big troubles.
  • Dreaming yourself eating tomatoes  can be sign that there can be gossips and bad words from people around you.
  • Green tomatoes seen in dream represent feelings of confusion, burden and despair.
  • Growing a tomato plant at home in dream  indicates a jealous rival in reality.
  • Cooking tomato soup in dream means there will be crisis
  • To see red tomatoes means shame or blush
  • Ripe tomatoes seen in dream  may indicate disease.

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