What does it mean to dream about the same person over and over again?

What does it mean to dream about the same person over and over again?
Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming Same Person Over and Over

What if you dream about the same person over and over?

Dreaming of same person over and over  tells you is that those people are deeply ingrained in your brain because

1) they are part of unresolved thoughts and emotions about them

2) they hold high significance for you.

What does it mean when someone is constantly in your dreams?

I don’t think dreams can be/should be taken too seriously.

Their are two types of dreams :-

  1. The one which you randomly get when you’re asleep.
  2. The one which are your aspirations/wishes/motivations. These don’t let you sleep.

When you see some incident or repeated images of a person you may be thinking about that person in the day and that’s why you dreamed about it.
It doesn’t mean you’re attracted to him/her (even though you can be.)

A person still can mean something to you. Maybe you see that person as your friend/enemy/crush/jealous colleague/acquaintance etc.

But incidents doesn’t mean anything which appear in your dreams. I recently had a dream (about a month ago) that I was giving my 10th board exam of Hindi and I was completely clueless about the subject while everyone else were busy writing. But, how can this be true? I have cleared my class 12 an year ago and am a second year student now.

So dreams are just random stories/people/incidents which come in your mind in a state of rest which cannot affect us in any way.

Vishal Katyal,


I feel it could be for several reasons.

  1. Your mind is thinking about someone constantly in your dreams because you feel bonded to this special someone. What better way to be thinking about someone you care about while you sleep for hours upon hours
  2. Maybe you are so busy during the day, and you do feel for someone, but just don’t have time to think about them during waking hours. Maybe this is your mind thinking about someone constantly because you want to be around this person
  3. You could be in love
  4. There is something going on with this person that you should look into when you wake up. Get a hold of the person when you can, and see what they are up to.

David Mardanlou,


Simply put, this is a chronic vibration you are carrying. Anything that happens again and again implies a pattern of thought and action, and therefore a particular belief.

Though dreams are many things, and different experiences exist on different levels, a recurring dream is a signal to yourself to pay attention. If you look at the variety of “story lines” in which this same person or theme exists ….you may find many levels of understanding simply because you are not really getting the message the first time. So you offer yourself more and more ways to understand.

For example, say you enter into a new relationship. And soon you begin to dream of your partner from a previous relationship. You may wonder, why in the world am I dreaming of ____, when I love my new mate so much? The reason is that you may be reminding yourself of an old pattern in which you are beginning to fall into, say of feeling insecure. So you first want to look at the feelings of the dream, and then look at the events. These feelings and images will provide the message you are trying to remind yourself of. Make sense?

Each dream is a connection to a part of yourself, chosen to be experienced by you, for the purpose of making whole what has been splintered, in a way. You are always drawing from other experiences, in other dimensions, in parallel dimensions, to help you navigate this life. Even if the dream seems completely foreign to you, you are still connecting with this for some reason. A person asked once, “Am I the incarnate of the Pope?” Well I don’t know, may be. But the question to ask is “what am I learning from the information” “How can I understand this insight in a way that benefits me NOW?”

Any dream, every dream, is you connecting to an idea or experience for the purpose of learning from it, to make a new choice about it, to take right action. Dreams do not come from somewhere else and enter your field. It is you, in your uniquely individual wonderful way, that only you know how to do, connecting to YOURSELF.

Asking what this “person” means is impossible to answer FOR you, but the idea is that you are giving yourself this message over and over again. Same as a nightmare, or any other recurring type of dream. Yourself is knocking at the door.

“How do the dreams make you feel?” “How does this person make you feel?” “What are you doing with this person in the dream?” What does this person mean to you?” What is your deep interest in this person? How can this person help you create more of the life you desire or don’t prefer?” “What beliefs or ideas am I holding about this?” “ Is this person in your way?” “ Does this person suck your energy?” What is the conduct?

I don’t for one minute believe that any question about dreams cannot be answered by the dreamer. Expand on yourself, learn about yourself, love yourself, pay attention to your actions. I believe every thing you want to know can be, at the very least, initiated by the dream. It is a deep level of understanding of the self.

Chyrese Soubasis,

If you are interested in romance or sex with a person that can explain dreaming of them frequently. Also dream images have the layer of meaning of beings symbolic of aspects of your own mind and behavior. Think of the qualities the person has and their behavior and see if it reflects something in your.  We get clues in dreams about whether we should have someone as a friend or not. One guy who befriended me and he and his girl friend would take me out to eat seemed a nice friend. But I had recurring dreams of him doing bad things and being a threat to me. It turned out he was stealing from work and was beating up his girl friend. Not a safe person with whom to hang out.

Kenneth Elder,


According to Freud (One of the famous Researcher on this topic),

  • Our subconscious desires include those that we don’t want to admit, such as incomplete mights.
  • For that reason, tools, rooms, and other objects, and behaviors including flying, appear symbolically in our dreams.
  • It is thought that if we can unravel the correspondent relationship these symbols have with issues in our waking lives, we can understand these subconscious desires.

Any relevance of above to the any person is directing your subconscious to the Dream.

Pramod Shinde,


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