What does it mean to dream of being chased by a monk?

In my dream i was beeing chased by a white clothed monk in wooded place. I was trying to see  his face but I couldn’t see his face.  I was running fast then i saw other people in forest. I run to them to be in secure. But when I am with them they told me  he is not a monk, he is friend of them. I turned back and look at him but he was  not monk anymore but a stranger

Being chased by strangers/people/animals is a classic threat theme, a class of anxiety dreams. It is interesting to note, women get such dreams more because they have a natural instinct to protect themselves from males (i.e. a threat).

Most likely, you find yourself vulnerable in some way.

Being chased by a monk could be just a fluke because dreams do not always reflect reality perfectly. Since a monk can symbolize chastity/fear of god/virtuous behavior, you can check your life situation in case you are facing some moral/ethically challenging situation.

Siva Kumar,

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