Why do i dream of strangers?

Why do i dream of strangers?
Meaning of Dreaming Strangers

Why am I dreaming of people I’ve never seen before?

Dream is an illusion of the past. Basically your mind is going haywire. That’s what modern psychology says.

But what do the oldest books on psychology say? ( oldest books about 2000 or 3000 years old)

Reference: Buddhist teachings on the mind

Dream is not only a construct of the past but also a construct of the future. Dream is when you live or are concious in another life. “If we accept ourself to be a multi dimentional being that is”. Dreams give a peek from the past or to the future.

Why the past?

Because the past is the only evidence that keeps our minds sane. If someone forgets their past. Even for a minute or more. They go insane. Or think about it and go insane. There is a term in psychology called amnesia. Which study’s the state of mind during a forgetful state of our brain.

Mind is also a construct of the past. For example: one gets scarred of spiders cause it bit him/her when they were just a little kid. Defenseless.

When that kid grows up. He/she will still be terrified of spiders and not know when and why he/she is terrified. That becomes a scare in ones life. This is just a small example of how our mind forms itself. Whatever happens in the past are building blocks for a endless building called the mind. Whatever happens in the present also are building blocks too.

How the future?

The mind behaves in different ways. In the stand point of modern science. Its all non sense. Because you cannot reason with it.

But in a stand point of a person who does not have any attachment , craving or clinging. The future means nothing to him. Which does not answer the question on how the mind gives one a peek into the future.

There is a concept of humongous mechanical clock work of the every single mind on Earth. Which means every single mind is connected. If every individuals mind is connected. Nobody has a mind of their own.

We think we act like individuals. But even the loneliest person will know what the other person is thinking. It is not empathy. Empathy is primitive in this stand point. We are not minds with individualistic thinking. All of us are always influenced by the past by someone or something. Our actions are not our own. It’s the reaction from another. Or mind is like a two magnetic pedulums suspended from a rod. Without inertia our minds wouldn’t work.

So the mind gets a peek into the future by means of connecting to a lot of minds.

And how do you see people who you haven’t seen or do not remember seeing. The mind is not bound to the body alone. It travels in two ways. To the past and the future. The past is a construct of all the emotional and physical experiences of what we have had. But future is the experience which we might or might not have. It is only a possibility of happenings. Infinite possibilities. So seeing someone’s face and remembering it is a gift. Prob more. Learn more on why you see this. You won’t go insane. But clearer and clearer. For you to get answers will take time. Patience is one virtue you learn from dreams. Learn to love it. You will love the world.

Akash Dravid,

Everyone thinks they know the answers to such questions and you know what?, we’re all full of shit. I had a philosophy prof. in the mid 70’s that said “everything you know is wrong”. There is validity to that statement. We base our lives on assumptions that we like to call “hypotheses”, the so-called “educated guess”. It all depends on your belief system and experience. I dream every night, many times, since I have to go to the bathroom frequently it proves that our minds never rest. Some dreams are people I know, but many times I don’t, places I’ve been, but many times I never have or could have been,,,,,,,or have I? Our minds are creative, they create, and if you’ve ever taken an acid trip you know what I mean, it is an awake dream, manufactured by yours truly. Here’s my two cents, and by no means gospel, but “I” believe our minds are multi-dimensional, and when we sleep we visit these dimensions, yes, and that means people we’ve never seen or things we’ve never done. So, in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the movie, even the horror movies called “nightmares”. My heart goes out to the veterans who have been brainwashed by the military and have to endure the nightmare on a daily bases.


Because like all people, you have an imagination. Your brain is making use of that while you dream.

Fiction writers create people who don’t exist, who have never existed. Yet in the context of the story they can be as real and three-dimensional as the writer is capable of making them. And have you ever seen “artists’ conceptions” of characters from popular novels? Every artist will imagine the character differently. How about comic-strip artists who invent new characters? Do you imagine that all of these artists necessarily need models in front of them to make the pictures, and necessarily draw or paint an exact replica of the model’s face?

Others have claimed that you cannot dream about someone you have never seen. But of the answers I have read, none of them provided any evidence that this is true. Your dreaming self is perfectly capable of creating new characters for whatever story is being told. Happens to me all the time.

Joe Devney,


It may be like my drawings I used to do. I would draw people I had never seen, just out the blue, out of my head, subconscious, name them, and several years later, I met them. Their first name and last name was spelled exactly as I had spelled it in the drawing and they looked exactly as I had drawn them. We are all connected through Divine energy, which is in all things and everyone. But what affects one, like ripples in a pond, affects all to some degree, in some way. Matters not if youve met the person or not. We truly are one, energetically, and on Earth to help each other. It may be what some call your higher self telling you something about these people things you need to know for some reason. Your higher self is your higher you, your you closest connected to the Divine, your soul’s highest potential or highest you can be. The people I drew when I met them were not in a nice place, nor was it safe, and many I was able to help and did help. Your higher you, being connected to the Divine, would have access to such knowledge.

Shirley Gilliland,


There a couple of different theories to your question.

First, some believe that we dream of people we have seen, even if it is in passing. For example you are at a crowded mall, you might not of noticed someone, but your subconscious mind did. Then when you are dreaming, the subconscious mind brings the people it notices to your dream.

Second, some believe that when we dream of people we have never seen, they are people we know from a past life.

If you want, you can spend time with these dreams. Retell them using your five senses (touch, sound, taste, see and smell) as well as, the emotions invoked through out the dream. This will help trigger dream content as well as, meaning. Also, how do you feel around this strangers (are they really strangers or do they seem familiar?) Do you feel as if you know them? Another technique is to talk to them. It might feel weird at first but let your imagination flow freely and don’t censor yourself. Imagination is another way our subconscious communicates with our conscious mind.

I hope this helps, wishing the best and sweet dreams!

Margaret Bell


Don’t be so sure you’ve never seen them before. I’m amazed by what my brain gets up to when I sleep.

Some years back I was working on a product booklet that contained some very detailed technical specifications. The project goal was to be error free as nothing mars a lovely new booklet like a typed page of hastily-glued in corrections.

The project was in the proofing stage when I was called away overnight. I was woken twice early the following morning, the first time I was thinking as I woke – “Page 29, color match” – the second time “Page 42, seat type” .

Which was kind of odd. Normally, like most people, I just wake up.

Back at the office I checked the proofs – sure enough the product on page 29 had the wrong color options, while the one on page 42 had incorrect seat options. And yes, we succeeded in putting out an error-free product booklet.

A few years later I woke up with a song I had never heard running through my head. The following night I woke with the same song, and a longer lyrical line. Same thing the next night, more of the same song, and more of the lyrics. I googled lyric finder, I asked other people. No-one had heard of that song.

Had I suddenly become a musical genius? Hardly.

A week later I heard the song playing at a local cafe where I regularly ate. I guess my subconscious had filed it and replayed it (because I did like the song) although I had no conscious memory of ever hearing it.

Now, when I have a difficult project or am grappling with a complex issue, instead of burning the midnight oil – I go to bed and get out of my own way, trusting that when I wake up subconscious me will have everything sorted.

Amanda Nally,


The mind is a complex system and when we store a face for later recall, we don’t store an image of the person. We store separate features in memory, so that when the person changes facial expression, we can still recognize them. Facial recognition involves motion detection and certain pivot points, like the nose, which rarely changes, and the shape of the eyes at rest. As someone who is quite skilled at recognizing people, often after many years, I can say that often I see new faces in my dreams I never saw before, but may include features I have noticed before. Just as through dreams we see new types of architecture, unknown landscapes, and unique interior decoration, creative faces can appear and that is simply our imagination using free association to produce something new for us to admire.

Aimee Sparrow,


People you are dreaming about, you have seen before, you just have no conscious recollection of or memory of the encounters.

Your dreams result from all conscious experiences that unfold throughout you waking day, whether you are aware of them or not.

One example is to see or hear a passerby but the experience doesn’t register in your conscious mind. Nevertherless, your unconscious mind has busily recorded the experience for possible retrieval at a later time, usually within a dream.

Since dreams occur at the unconsious level, it’s impossible for you to identify with any accuracy where the image came from. Often those you meet in dreams are not who you think they are but symbolize someone else. The unconscious mind operates in a vacuum with no reference to time or space, with symbols to represent reality.

Dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer. Commercial books that represent their accuracy at interpreting dreams seldom live up to their advertisements.

Mike King,


Dreams are basically depending up on few things. most of the dreams are related to our day to day life. so many things will happen in our day to day to life, but some of the incidents will carry or touch our emotions. so the incidents which are catch our little bit emotions temporarily , they will reflect as dreams during our sleep.

Since most of our dreams are controlled by our small brain, you don’t remember / recollect 100% back once you wake up.

And one important thing in dreams are, you can’t see the people or locations in dream if u don’t know. u must know them 100% then only you are able see / meet them in dreams. Your mind / brain can recollect people or locations which are already mapped in your brain otherwise it is not possible those people or locations bringing in your dreams.

But all these guys or incidents will store in your subconscious mind and all these things are in your Subconscious mind since your childhood. it is very difficult for us to find out what is stored in our subconscious mind as there is no direct path to retrieve the same. But it is very difficult to know for us which incident will go and store in our subconscious mind. it is a continuous process in our birth.

and as per mythology, some incidents which are related to your previous birth (life) also will store in your subconscious mind without your permission.

so that is why it very difficult to analyse our dreams fully as we don’t understand based on what reason that dreams are coming and we thing that they are no way related to us.

but it is related.

B V Narasimha Rao,


Before writing the answer let me confirm i am no expert in subconscious brain topic but i consider myself as a fairly scientific person…..i ll give my best to help my readers…

I am not entirely sure with the concept and validity of sixth sense but i have read plently of stuff about sixth sense…. So i think i can answer your question….

Basically sixth sense is an ability to to sense things by any other known bodily sense……

It is like Deja vu….

It might happen that what you are seeing in your dream might actually happen in your life after some time…. And then when such things actually happen, you realise “ i ve been in this situation before.. ”

there was a man in France…who would see things in his dream and those things actually happened later on…….

We usually dream about ut things, places and people we’ve seen, met or experienced before…. Because these things are in our subconscious mind….

If you dream about people you’ve never met before …thats something extraordinary….. And we only see things that we’ve experienced in ou real life in our dreams….

So in my opinion…the only logical reason i can provide is Sixth Sense…

PS : it might just be a dream…n u dont remember people but you had actually met them…

Adarsh Tiwari,


There’s this thing known as the subconscious mind. This part of the mind is working involuntarily i.e without your will and is active all the time. The mind accumulates a lot of scenes, pictures, and faces too in subconsciously. It is like a warehouse of memories.

From the first moment of your life, you started on a unique, individual journey. Your mind started recognizing and retaining memories of your varied experiences. From infancy through the present, the tracings on your mind’s“slate”have filled one day after another. ~Wide Awake, Clear-Headed and Refreshed: Medical Hypnoanalysis In Action (1991)

It is true that the mind can’t create faces in dreams. The faces you dream about do exist but you don’t remember seeing them consciously, they’re all stored in the part of the brain which just gathers everything you see. You might feel unfamiliar with their sight or any other sense but you’ve actually witnessed them sometime in the past, subconsciously.

Sanandan Ratkal,

Stranger Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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