Meaning of lovebird and a person praying in minibus in dream.


What does it mean to see somebody praying in minibus in dream? What does it mean to hold lovebird in dream?

In my dream; I want to go to the terminal. I used the stairs because the elevators were full. When I came down, the moving walkway  moved. I ran to the moving walkway and i was over it. Then I looked and noticed that I’m on a bus.

The bus stopped after we went little. I got off the bus because that place was close to the terminal. Then the minibus started to move, but a man was stuck under the minibus. I shouted, “Stop, stop.” The minibus was very full and the driver could not see the mirror.  But finaly the minibus stopped. A few people tried to remove the man under the minibus, but could not. Then I said, “Let everyone get out.”  One of the passengers inside said; ” We can’t because there is somebody doing pray inside over the way to go out. ” And I said, “Let him break his prayer and later  he can make it again.”

Finaly we saved the man when the minibus was empty.  But that man we saved had a lovebird over his heart. I immediately closed my hand over parrot not to let him fly away. And the man put his hand on my hand also. I was slowly pulling my hand. The man told me to take my hand away. So I told him if I pulled my hand fast, the bird would get hurt.

Then I saw myself walking along the road but with a lovebird in my hand. I tried to put lovebird in my pocket to take him home, but I couldn’t.  Then I woke up.

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