Dreaming of a Nightmare

To see a nightmare in a dream indicates that the dreamer remembers the troubles he had experienced in the past, suffered great damage in family or spirituality, that he will experience the pain of that day again, and that these problems will appear again and again as soon as he closes his eyes. At the same time, it is said that the person who sees the dream will not get anywhere by escaping from his feelings, but he can get somewhere if he faces his fears and problems.

Dreaming of a Nightmare

It indicates that the person who sees the dream has to face a situation and problem that has happened to him in the past and that wears him out, inevitably, if he does not realize this confrontation, he will fall into much more difficult and worse situations and will have very difficult times.

Catching a Nightmare in a Dream

It indicates that the person who sees the dream is very affected by a memory about his past, so he gets very emotional and then feels very sad. In addition, the dream indicates that the owner will fall into very bad situations due to an event that he is very worried about and can think of nothing but worry and sadness.

Nightmare Crash in a Dream

It is said that the dreamer, who has had very difficult times in his past, suddenly becomes introverted due to the bad things that come to his mind, he does not talk to anyone, he cuts off his ties with people, he is almost sick, and therefore he needs professional help now. It narrates that the person who sees the dream should have less conflict with himself and worry less if he does not want to lose his health.

Seeing a Nightmare Coming in a Dream

It indicates that he needs to see a doctor now, because the recollection of the bad events that have happened and the effect on the dreamer have reached the level of illness. In other words, it indicates that it is time to leave the sadness that he is in, leave the past behind and try to solve the problems in a different way.

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