Seeing What You Want in a Dream

Seeing what you want in a dream depends on the quality of the dream, that is, what the person sees in his dream. In such dreams, each dream has its own interpretation. For example, if the dreamer sees in his sleep that he is deprived of something that he actually has, and sees that he wants it from someone who has no means, who is suffering from poverty and living problems, he gets tired of doing something that the dreamer will be guilty of.

Or; If the dreamer dreams that he wants something from someone, regardless of what it is, it indicates that, contrary to the dream, he is trying not to be dependent on anyone and to stand on his own feet.

Asking for Money in a Dream

It is not a dream that portends good luck. It means that a disastrous situation will arise that will cause the dreamer to grieve, cry and lament. It means that the person will experience days when he does not want to leave the house, when he is pensive, thoughtful and unhappy.

Asking for Water in a Dream

It is tired of the existence of a person who does not have good thoughts, brings things back and forth and enjoys pitting people against each other, and it is rumored that the person who sees the dream should pay attention to the people around him .

Praying in a Dream

It is narrated to achieve relief, to level up, to attain well-being and contentment, to be promoted by achieving success in business, to get rid of diseases, fears and doubts, and to find peace.

Dreaming of Divorce

It indicates that the person who sees the dream will change the environment and profession, that is, radical innovations will occur in the life of the dreamer. It portends a city or country change due to duty.

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