Seeing Your Son Die in a Dream

Seeing his son die in a dream means that the more painful, heavy and frightening the thought is in real life, the more beneficial, beautiful and acceptable it is in a dream. If a person sees that his son is dead in his dream, it means that he will laugh for his son all his life and will receive good news.

On the other hand, this dream means that the person who sees the dream will get away from a person who bothers him, causes him to be unhappy and stresses him with what he does, does and says.

Hearing His Son Died in a Dream

It indicates receiving good news and good news for the person who sees the dream. Regardless of whether the dreamer is a son or a daughter, it indicates that his prayers for them will be accepted and his children will always be protected from evil, accidents and troubles by Allah.

Seeing Your Child Die in a Dream

Seeing your child die in a dream is just like hearing that your son is dead, and on the contrary, it indicates that you will feel comfortable and at peace, thanks to the well-being and health of the dreamer’s son and, if any, other children.

Receiving News of His Son’s Death in a Dream

The person who sees that he receives the news of his son’s death in his dream means that he will witness his successes, see his death and take his son’s children in his arms. It indicates that the person will grow old with his son and his child will always be at his knees.

Seeing Your Son’s Death in a Dream

Contrary to the dream, it is rumored that the son of the dreamer will have a long life. Because dying in a dream is considered to prolong one’s life.

Resurrection of a Dead Child in a Dream

It is a dream that portends good luck and it is said that good developments will occur in the life of the person who sees the dream. It indicates that life and work will be in order, lightening, getting easier and getting good opportunities for the person to find comfort.

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